Being in harmony with the environment has always been a priority at all Bluebay Hotels facilities. Being at the very edge of a beautiful, wide tropical beach, we give high premium to keeping our guests in harmony with the natural environment of a tropical island. Our Spa, going appropriate named Oasis Spa, reflects that spirit – complete with a wooden deck, a thatch roof built with palm trees growing up through it and the splashing water amid an abundance of beautiful exotic plants. The result is a Spa that completely rejuvenates your body and elevates your mind.

The Oasis Spa is also famed for the professional massages that come with the natural setting. A lifting sense of wellbeing engulfs you as you are guided by our professional staff through the different treatment rooms – with airy sea view overlooking the beach and the turquoise ocean beyond. Our Staff are specialists at adapting to each person requirements.

As with everything at the Oasis Spa, the skin care products have been selected for their pure and natural ingredients. For a really memorable experience, ask your therapists to blend and mix the local spices and fruits right in front of you. All these natural freshly prepared treatments are famous for their virtues for the body and aromas to relax the mind.

During your days of leisure, stimulate your taste buds as well; try out the health food options created by our connoisseur chefs using ingredients grown in our own gardens.