Everything about Beyt al Chai rooms is as authentic old Zanzibari as the great house itself. Each of the 5 en-suite bedrooms and suites are designed with richly coloured organza and silk curtains billowing in the breeze around antique furniture dating back to the days of the Sultan.

No detail has been over looked. The service is personalized and meticulous and the sanitary facilities are modern. But even the modern amenities make concession to the ancient: Every room is fully air-conditioned, but just so you can open the window and enjoy the breeze in the ancient manner, or simply listen to the late night call of the Muezzin as it has been heard in the square of this house for generations, there is a ceiling fan.

The 5 bedrooms and suites are divided in three categories:

These are the three largest rooms at the Beyt al Chai, at approximately 40 sq. metres each. They have private bathrooms and captivating views of Zanzibar. The three rooms are:

These two rooms are the second largest in the house, averaging about 25 Sq Metres each. They each have a private bathroom and dressing room. The rooms are:

Rooms & Suites

Superior Rooms
Superior Rooms
Superior Rooms


    Classical Africa with a touch of ancient Arabian mystique merge in this exquisite, exclusive 5-room boutique hotel within a traditional Zanzibar house, built on 3 floors on what was once a nobility tea house.

    GPS LOCATION: E 39:11'11.26 # S 6:9'47.65

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